(or, How to take down a rampaging HiPPO in one move)

Watch me tip over this hippo — Photo by @tmdpw

Brain says, ‘No.’

Ready, Set, Go!

Step 1

Grab a big sheet of paper or a whiteboard, Post-its and Sharpies.

Step 2

Draw a vertical line all the way down the left of the page. At the top of the line add an arrow tip and write the word ‘Impact’.

Step 3

Draw another line along the bottom of the page. Draw an arrow tip on the right end and write the word ‘Uncertainty’.

Step 4

Divide the page into four…

Why is a real customer problem statement important?

As Einstein is quoted as saying (probably erroneously)

This is a pool Pony, it can float

Ivan Schneiders

Product design, behavioural science and other things

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